Pre-Conference Session 2012
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Pre-Conference Session: Grow Your Leadership Skills to Grow Your Program

Grace Gorrell was in charge of the alumni programs at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture for over 16 years and grew the program to be one of the strongest in the country. While serving as alumni director she became aware of not only the need to grow her leadership skills but also of those of her alums. She now teaches Leadership Studies sat UK that has become a very popular class on campus. During our pre conference workshop Grace will be teaching us how to grow our alums and our skills to become stronger leaders. This hands on workshop will cover key items she teaches in her class each semester including understanding Dr. John Maxwell's 5 levels of leadership, developing your leadership inner circle, and the top ten most important leadership skills we need to develop to be more successful.

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Grace Gorrell, has worked in various roles at the University of Kentucky for over 29 years. She helped the University establish the UK Center for Leadership Development and is currently teaching a Leadership Studies class to undergraduates.

In 2008 she started her own leadership consulting business which she named "Lead With Grace.”

She has a tremendous passion for helping others discover that the "do” have leadership abilities and in turn help them understand how they can use those skills to improve their professional and personal life.

Grace teamed up with Commerce Lexington and Kentucky Educational Development Corporation to develop the "Unbridling the Leadership in Kentucky Communities Conference”, that has featured Dr John Maxwell author of "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, Dr Ken Blanchard, the author of the "One Minute Manager and Jack Canfield cofounder of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She just recently became a charter member of John Maxwell’s leadership certification program and will be featured speaker on a national webinar presented by Dr Ken Blanchard’s Leadership organization.

Dr Maxwell made the following statement about Grace, "I have often said that the number one quality of a leader is the ability to make things happen. Grace Gorrell does this as well anyone I have ever known. Her leadership is magnified by her ability to also make things happen for others. Leadership is influence and Grace is loaded with it!”

She is married to Brian Gorrell and they have a daughter Cassady and two sons Todd and Shawn.
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