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From the President: It's Your Time

Jillian StevensonHere at Penn State, we have a student recruitment theme of "It's Your Time" emphasizing a time for students to learn, grow, experience and shine. As we send out our NAADA call for volunteers to serve on the board and committees, consider it your time to learn more about your profession, grow your leadership skills, experience NAADA on a new level and shine with success. Other benefits of serving your professional organization include forging deeper, meaningful relationships with a fabulous group of colleagues, enhancing and growing programs for the greater good of the organization and having fun while doing all of it!

Follow the link in the nominations article below to let us know your interest. It's your time!

Jillian Stevenson
NAADA President


The Buddy System

By Jill Tyson, The Ohio State University

My involvement with NAADA began in 2008 with attendance at the annual conference in Hawaii. Let me just say that my initial experiences set the bar high with such an amazing conference location. During the welcome session for first time attendees I met my "Buddy” – Dr. Marianne Fivek from Penn State University. As we prepared for the first dinner that evening, Marianne introduced me to many other members and I can remember thinking how wonderful it was to have so many institutions and organizations represented. Marianne shared during dinner that she felt NAADA was one of the best professional organizations she had participated in and encouraged me to meet people and get involved. Being a recent graduate and new hire the summer before the conference, this concept was very familiar. I will admit being the youngest in the room was intimidating; however, it became clear that others were truly interested in helping to share ideas and help me determine how NAADA could be beneficial.

After taking Marianne’s advice, I signed up to serve on the Publications and Projects Committee. Charlotte Emerson was chair of this committee. She was in contact with all of the members and clearly outlined our role. Being on this committee was not only fun as I saw all of the outstanding entries, but it also allowed me to get to know Charlotte better. Both Marianne and Charlotte had experience in their positions for several years and many of their responsibilities aligned with areas similar to mine. To be honest, when Charlotte called before the 2010 conference to ask if I would be willing to serve as the Chair of the Publications and Projects Committee, I was surprised – as I had only been part of the committee for a short time. After serving my time on the board for the next two years, I was disappointed to see the end of the term. It was now my job to identify someone to fill this role. My thoughts went back to that first conference in Hawaii when I met Andy Zehr in the elevator and we both had "first timer” badges on our name tags. It was nice to meet someone new to the organization one-on-one; what made it even better was finding out that Andy had also recently been hired into his role. Continuing Charlotte’s example, I called Andy. We discussed the requirements and before long he was on board (pun intended!). In another wonderful phone call from Mary Buschette, President at the time, she asked if I would consider another one-year term on the board as the Student Programs Chair. It was an easy decision to say yes, as I truly value the relationships I have made with NAADA colleagues. I look forward to future opportunities during the annual conferences (I can’t wait for June 16-19) as well as throughout the year with virtual coffee breaks.

I will be forever grateful for the guidance and mentoring from Marianne and Charlotte. This started my connection with NAADA, which has multiplied with those on the board whom I appreciate as trusted colleagues and friends. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University and have benefitted as a NAADA member and by serving on the board. Many of the ideas I use with recruitment events as well as with our college ambassadors were enhanced by the networking in NAADA.

Is Your University Taking Advantage of NAADA’s iCenter Job Posting System?

Is your University taking advantage of NAADA’s iCenter job posting system? Remember, member institutions can post free of charge! This is a great way to network positions available in your colleges to your NAADA peers.

Haven’t had a chance to look at the iCenter? Follow this link to get started:

NAADA Chair and Officer Nominations

The NAADA Executive and Nominating Committees need your input on potential candidates for committee chairs and officer positions with terms beginning at the conclusion of the Annual Conference in 2013. Please take a 5-minute survey by following this link.

According to the bylaws, committee chairs may be appointed for a maximum of two consecutive, one-year terms. The maximum term of service is four consecutive years, as a chair of one or more committees. Board officer positions are two-year terms. The officer positions of secretary and treasurer are up for election this year.

For more details on the roles of the committee chairs and officers, see the Board Standard Operating Procedure found here.

Please let us know who you think would be a good candidate and why (self-nominations are welcome!). This is an anonymous survey. Note: Requests for Track Representative Nominations will be handled separately.

Thank you for your time.

Mary Buschette
Nominating Committee

Registration to Launch for Conference

Keep an eye out for an email announcing that registration for the Annual Conference is open!

The NAADA 2013 Conference Committee has planned a conference sure to inspire and motivate you to move yourself and your programs to new heights. We anticipate that this year’s conference will be one of the best ever as we discuss "Shaping the Future …Facing the Challenges and Leading the Change”. As we gather in Alexandria, VA, we believe this conference will help pass along that feeling of power or empowerment to you as you take part in this wonderful professional development opportunity. Our schedule is packed with inspiring speakers; motivating educational sessions and interesting, educational and just plain fun tours. We hope that you take away many innovative ideas, lots of new knowledge and a renewed ability to give your best.

See you at the Conference, June 16-19!

Paul Willis
2013 Conference Chair

Penn State Announces New Coordinator of Multicultural Programs

Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences welcomes Derek James as our new Coordinator of Multicultural Programs. As a member of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Derek’s primary responsibility is the development, coordination, and implementation of programs and initiatives designed to recruit and provide supportive services for diverse students within the College. Increasing the diversity of Penn State Ag Sciences’ student body will be an important goal. Derek will also serve as Co-Advisor for the Penn State Chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences which is a national student organization. With a graduate major in Agricultural and Extension Education, Mr. James is not new to the College of Agricultural Sciences. He knows his way around Penn State, as well. For the past five years, he held the position of Assistant Director of the Upward Bound Math & Science Program in the Office of Educational Equity.

Welcome New Members

Help us welcome our new NAADA members. Feel free to drop them a note of welcome!

Tiffany Howard, University of Tennessee, Development
Michele Sides, University of Tennessee, Development
Brandon Sours, Oklahoma State University, Student Professionals

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