Unleash Your Potential Experiences 2010

Unleash Your Potential Experience

Unleash Your Potential Experience: Change
Mark Esoda, UGA CAES Alumni Association President, Golf Course Superintendent, Atlanta Country Club

The only constant is change. Everyone must face change and it reaches across every area of our lives. Shouldn’t we be better equipped to deal with change so we can face it head on? With the right tools and understanding, change can be viewed as an opportunity, rather than a threat to our comfort zone. In fact, in many cases, it can be used to our advantage. This session will help participants understand what change is and what it isn’t. We’ll discuss change drivers (types of change) and learn how to overcome the roadblocks to change. Lastly, you’ll be given an opportunity to create your own plan for dealing with change and / or create a plan to start a change initiative yourself. We’ll break down the fundamentals of change and unleash a new mindset for this inevitable fact of life.

Unleash Your Potential Experience: Creativity
When You Are Out of Gas. . . Be Creative
Roger C. (Bo) Ryles, State 4-H Leader, retired

I was once "out of gas” headed to a meeting with my new boss and creativity was my only asset. Paraphrasing a great Georgian Lewis Grizzard. . .’putting grits on a fireant bed to get rid of them is creative but not effective, but serving unbuttered, unsalted grits to relatives from out of town to get them to go home is both creative and effective.’ Creativity is essential for effective work with alumni, donors, students, and any type of public service. During this session we will not eat grits but we will focus on "Creativity.” We’ll explore and practice ways to inject creativity into our work and the teams we work within. This session is led by a left handed-right brained, piano playing, road race running, barbershop singing, coffee roasting, story telling, university faculty member who has spent 30 years motivating people.

Unleash Your Potential Experience: Leadership
Louise Hill, Community Leadership Development Specialist, University of Georgia Fanning Leadership Institute

Understanding Your Leadership: This session will explore the practices of effective leaders as identified by James Kouzes and Barry Posner in their book The Leadership Challenge. Participants will self-assess their leadership behaviors and have an opportunity to explore their individual strengths and opportunities for growth using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) developed by Kouzes & Posner. The LPI is a part of an extensive research project into the every day actions and behaviors of exemplary leaders at all levels in a variety of settings. Five practices are identified as common to most leadership achievements. When performing at their best, leaders challenge, inspire, enable, model, and encourage. The LPI helps you discover to what extent you have adopted these five practices.

Unleash Your Potential Experience: Productivity
Marcy Heim, Certified Fund Raising Executive, Artful Asker L.L.C.

"How are you?” "Oh, I’m so BUSY!” Hmmm, not happy, sad, good or bad…but busy? Is that really how we ARE today? And does busy equal productivity? There are tools and techniques we can learn that will help us create new habits, allowing us to take charge of our time and our lives. How empowering to feel ‘in charge’ of your own life! During this self-reflective session, you’ll put down in writing what you want to be different in your life and make a plan to actually do things differently from now on. We’ll identify those habits that eat away at productivity and help you achieve the balanced life you deserve. Be better at your job, as a friend, as a parent and to yourself. Take away your personal plan of action to burn brightly without burning out!

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