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December 2014

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happy new year

From the President

Keith BarberAnother semester complete.  Another year in the books.  The last home pre-game tailgate attended.  The year’s final alumni magazine mailed.  No more student conferences this year.  The holiday break is just around the corner!  As my dad would say, “We’re in the short rows now!”  This definitive end of one season and beginning of another leaves us with imprints of past efforts combined with promises of a fresh start.  This is a significant time of year for many obvious reasons and I hope you enjoy it immensely.

It’s also a good time to reflect on how we’ve provided stewardship for our campuses.  Let’s take time to examine our successes, the times we experienced exhilaration – and the times we were frustrated or not so effective.  Ask yourself some important questions. What impacts have I made this year?  What services have I provided?  Were there times I could and/or should have chosen differently?  A friend once asked me, “Just how many [NAADA] professionals are there in the country?”  We are a select few, charged to engage and propel forward our institutions and their constituents. Students, alumni, donors, and colleagues benefit from the guidance and service we provide.  This is a great season to peek into the rearview mirror to find perspective for the road ahead.

As 2014 winds down, and we prepare for a new year, may you experience rest, peace, and a time of renewal with family and friends.  During this holiday season take time to break away from work, remember what’s most important to you, and offer a glimmer of hope to someone who may be without.  May your faith be strong and your family blessed.  We have more work to do, but it can wait while we take this time to refresh our spirit in anticipation of the new year.


NAADA’s Mulberry Honor Society To Launch After the New Year

We are excited to announce that this coming year will mark the debut of the NAADA Mulberry Honor Society! The society was created to honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to NAADA and our member institutions and organizations, and to foster their continued involvement in NAADA. All NAADA past presidents and individual award recipients are eligible for induction. There will be a special recognition at the welcome reception at 2015 NAADA conference at Texas A&M University to honor our inaugural class.

The Mulberry Honor Society is named from a long-standing NAADA tradition—the president’s gavel. Upon his retirement as president of NAADA in 1986, Dave Mugler, Associate Dean of Agriculture at Kansas State University made a gavel and presented it to the organization. The gavel is made of Mulberry and more specifically of a Mulberry root from a tree that stood on Dave's family farm in Kansas. It was Dave's wish that the gavel be passed from president to president and that it becomes a reminder of "NAADA's roots" (root of the Mulberry tree and root of the organization certainly intended) from which the organization was given life.

There are many notable NAADA members and friends to contact and honor with this special recognition! We’ll be working through the campus contacts to get invitations to our past Front Line, Volunteer Service, and the Ruby C. McSwain NAADA Outstanding Philanthropist award honorees. Other NAADA past award honorees and presidents will receive invitations directly. More information and invitations will be coming in the mail in early February. If you have any questions, please contact Darrin Hubbard in the NAADA office.

What's in a Name?

When it comes to branding, a name means a lot. NAADA has been the name of our organization since its inception and it is important that we keep it that way. You may have participated in a survey about a year ago regarding what NAADA stands for. The thought was that “National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association” does not adequately represent the breadth of professions held by members of NAADA. The results of that survey led to the conclusion that NAADA is NAADA and, rather than change the acronym or keep it the same, a tagline would be the best way to define the organization.

This was the outcome:

NAADA: A network of professionals in higher education advancing agricultural and related sciences.

Thus, a need to rebrand NAADA was identified. The Rebranding Task Force has been meeting every two weeks since early October and has been cataloguing what makes NAADA unique. The task force plans to roll out the new brand at the Annual Conference in June.

A separate group is working on a style guide for NAADA that will be part of the rebranding package. Stay tuned!

Welcome, New Members

Help us welcome our new NAADA members. Feel free to drop them a note of welcome!

Julie Conn, University of Florida
Emily Wickham, Ohio State University, Communications, Student Professionals
Elena de la Concepcion, University of Idaho, Volunteer
Eric Billings, University of Idaho, Development
Shishona Turner, University of Idaho, Student Professionals
Jenny Bond, Michigan State University, Volunteer
Tonia Ritter, Michigan State University, Volunteer
Tami Baumann, Michigan State University, Development
Richard Roush, Pennsylvania State University, Dean
Derek James, Pennsylvania State University, Student Professionals
Tracy Hoover, Pennsylvania State University, Student Professionals
Eric Cowden, Pennsylvania State University, Volunteer

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