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March 2015

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From the President

Keith Barber, University of Tennessee

Keith BarberGoals. Belief. Determination. These three words go together.  You can’t fulfill your dream without believing in the cause and remaining determined to arrive at nothing less than your goal. As professionals, we realize the dedication and hard work it takes to make something we want a reality.

The goal of creating a lasting organization to assist agricultural alumni professionals began more than forty years ago. Several alumni relations representatives from various institutions were determined to organize regular gatherings with the goal of aiding one another to become better professionals and taking their schools’ programs to a higher level. This first group - and others who followed - exhibited strong determination and the foresight to broaden the scope to include other like-disciplines, eventually arriving at what NAADA is today.  Certainly the programs and people have changed over the course of four decades, but the original goal of providing a helpmate professional society has not wavered. For this I’m grateful.

Recently I was speaking to a seasoned advancement professional who referred to NAADA as “the organization that has provided me with a stable base of peers, programs and positive opportunities to grow as an individual and hel me fulfill my responsibilities of impacting my organization.” This statement could have been made in 1975 as easily as it can be said today. Our founders got it. They understood that together we are better. No matter how competitive we are on the playing field, no matter how distant we are geographically, no matter how different we find our programs, we can always count on NAADA as a source of ideas and support.

For those of you who have been associated with the organization for any length of time, you understand this. For those who are new to NAADA, my hope is you will experience the power of our network for yourself. Indeed, we do have to work at it, however, with just a little effort, it simply happens.

As we head into the forty-year celebration of our association, I hope you will take advantage of the “peers, programs and positive opportunities” that are at your fingertips. I encourage all of us to engage at the organizational level so we can continue to make NAADA special and take advantage of our unique focus (agriculture and its related disciplines). Our challenges in the profession may be different today, and will continue to be in the decades to come, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have big goals, strong beliefs and the unwavering NAADA determination that has gotten us to this point.

Thank you for your contribution to making NAADA great! Let me know how you think we’re doing.


Reminder: Publications and Projects Awards

Christi Chadwell, Texas Tech University

Don’t forget to submit your Publication and Project entries! The winners will be announced at the 2015 NAADA Annual Conference in College Station, Texas. Complete the online entry form by 5:00 p.m. CST on March 20, 2015. For a full explanation of categories and rules, visit here.

Invitations in the Mail for MHS

Jillian Stevenson, Penn State University

As announced in the December newsletter, the Mulberry Honor Society has launched, and invitations are in the mail to eligible candidates. The society was created to honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to NAADA and our member institutions and organizations, and to foster their continued involvement in NAADA. All NAADA past presidents and individual award recipients are eligible for induction. There will be a special recognition at the welcome reception at 2015 NAADA conference at Texas A&M University to honor our inaugural class. There is no fee to join the society.

The Mulberry Honor Society is named after a long-standing NAADA tradition—the president’s gavel. Upon his retirement as president of NAADA in 1986, Dave Mugler, Associate Dean of Agriculture at Kansas State University made a gavel and presented it to the organization. The gavel is made of Mulberry and more specifically of a Mulberry root from a tree that stood on Dave's family farm in Kansas. It was Dave's wish that the gavel be passed from president to president and that it becomes a reminder of "NAADA's roots" (root of the Mulberry tree and root of the organization certainly intended) from which the organization was given life.

There are many notable NAADA members and friends to contact and honor with this special recognition. Campus contacts will get invitations to distribute to our past Volunteer Service and the Ruby C. McSwain NAADA Outstanding Philanthropist award honorees. Other NAADA past award honorees and presidents will receive invitations directly. If you have any questions, please contact Darrin Hubbard in the NAADA office.

My Experience as a NAADA Member

Milford Jenkins, American Angus Foundation

“NAADA, what’s that? No doubt you too, asked this same question when you first heard about the organization. Immediately after joining the Oklahoma State University Foundation fundraising team as the agricultural and veterinary medicine development officer, I attended my first NAADA Annual Conference at Kansas State University in 1990.

When I arrived at the conference venue, I knew none of the attendees. Everyone warmly welcomed me with open arms and over the course of the conference, I became part of a family, my NAADA family!

The professional development, continued education and networking I’ve gleaned from the NAADA annual conference and my NAADA family over the years has been invaluable to me as I’ve progressed in my professional advancement career. NAADA has enabled me to exponentially strengthen and refine my repertoire of fundraising skills, knowledge and effectiveness in applying what I’ve learned at the conference.

Whether you’re attending NAADA for the first-time or have attended numerous times, all volunteers, administrators, alumni, student affairs and fundraising professionals attending NAADA can benefit from engaging with other agricultural college representatives and learning about their proven successful programs.

Yes, it’s my pleasure to endorse NAADA and the value the organization can provide to members and attendees to the annual conference. Since attending that first conference, I’ve only missed two conferences.

Hence, my answer to the question when asked, professionally and personally for me, NAADA is a wealth of educational resources and professional contacts for us having a common bond and passion for advancing agricultural instruction, extension and research programs in higher education to create opportunities for students, alumni, volunteers, faculty, allied industry interests and those we serve empowering them to achieve even higher levels of success than ever thought possible before!”

Support NAADA through an Alumni Society Sponsorship

Darrin Hubbard, NAADA

With the registration for the Annual Conference launching soon, plan now to get maximum exposure for your institution AND send your volunteers or staff to the NAADA Conference. Join the following in supporting NAADA through a college or alumni society sponsorship:

Penn State Logo
UK Logo
Texas A&M Logo
Virgina Tech Logo
University of Minnesota Logo
Ohio State Unversity Logo
North Carolina State Logo
Clemson Logo

Please consider sharing this information with your alumni society at an upcoming meeting. A $1,000 Bronze Level Sponsorship includes one registration to the conference worth $575 and the $2,500 Silver Level Sponsorship now includes two registrations worth $1,150. For more information, please see the sponsorship page or contact Darrin Hubbard, at

Individual Award Nominations and New Award

Catherine Maxwell, North Carolina State University

Deadline: April 13, 2015

In each of our NAADA institutions, there are countless individuals who work hard to advance our missions, and to make our programs possible. And each year, there are a few special individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the university, to the stakeholders we serve, and to the NAADA community.

There is no better way to thank your colleagues, volunteers and donors for their contributions than by nominating them for a 2015 NAADA Award. These awards bring national recognition to the professional staff, partners, volunteers, alumni, and philanthropists who have contributed to your university’s successes. They are a wonderful way to pay tribute to the award winners, and to build stronger ties with the alumni and friends honored with awards. Award winners will be recognized at the 2015 NAADA conference at Teas A&M.

Please make it a priority to nominate one or more individuals from your institution. If you nominated someone last year who was not selected and you want to re-nominate them, please submit a new form.

You’ll find details under the “Awards” tab on the NAADA website for the seven individual award categories: Front Line, Volunteer Service, Jane Longley-Cook Volunteer Service, Professional Achievement, Founders' Distinguished Service, Ruby C. McSwain Outstanding Philanthropist Awards, and the new Above and Beyond Partner Award.

The Above and Beyond Partner Award was created to recognize those members of your university’s faculty or staff who do not work in the alumni, communications, development or student services divisions of your institution, but who go above and beyond to help us in serving students, alumni, donors and friends.

The online forms allow you to complete your nomination and upload all supporting documents electronically. No paper copies are needed. You are encouraged to complete the required fields on the nomination forms in a Word document and import into the form, since the online form will not allow you to save your work.

The deadline for nominations is April 13, 2015. If you have questions, please contact Catherine Maxwell at We look forward to celebrating your staff members, alumni, friends and donors at the NAADA conference in College Station, TX.

Begin the nomination process now! Click HERE to get started.

Welcome New Members

Help us welcome our new NAADA members. Feel free to drop them a note of welcome!

Margaret Ann Bollmeier, Cornell University, Alumni, Development
Ross Evancoe
, Cornell University, Alumni, Development
Elizabeth Braun, Cornell University, Communications
Ron Van Ormer, Cornell University, Development
Amy Calabretta, University of Idaho, Communications
Ashley Wiskirchen
, Auburn University, Communications
Jana Staudt, Iowa State University, Development
Breanna Wetzler, Iowa State University, Communications
Janell Van Gorp
, ISU Foundation, Development

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