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NAADA October Newsletter: Let’s Build This Together: Advancement Data Search

Friday, October 30, 2015   (0 Comments)
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As advancement professionals striving for excellence for our institutions we are hungry for data…what are our peer institutions doing, what do our numbers look like compared to others, etc.  In the past, there were surveys distributed at the annual conference, the data was compiled, and then later sent to the membership.  However, that hasn’t happened for many years, leaving us with a void.  As a result, we are either on a mission to gather information at the conference each year or we do our own mini surveys via our listservs.

Acknowledging these struggles, members of the board and the association worked for the last year to develop a new way for our membership to access a wide array of data addressing advancement – alumni relations, communications, development, student programs, and volunteers.  Within our online institutional profiles are in-depth questions that address the data of interest.  Your campus contact has access to enter this data in your institutional profile.  A list of all of the questions are here to ease in collection of the data from each of your units.

The data can be updated at any time and we will target a few times each year such as at membership renewal and before the annual conference. The data is only as good as what is entered so we all have a little work to do.

The system we are using is limited with regard to searching the database on open ended questions. However, we designated several questions that should help you narrow your search to your peer institutions.  Although only campus contacts can enter data, all members can search the database from their individual profiles.

Advancement Data Search

We will continue to make improvements to the system as we all begin to utilize it. Please feel free to reach out with suggestions.


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