2016 Collaboration Award
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NAADA Collaboration Award

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Daily interactions with students, alumni, donors, and the community give NAADA members many opportunities to impact those they serve through innovative initiatives. The Collaboration Award recognizes unique ways that out-of-the-box thinkers have created projects, programs and events in cooperation with other entities on their campus, in their community or with other NAADA institutions.

NAADA member institutions and organizations are eligible to receive a Collaboration Award. The submission form can be from a NAADA member, a group of NAADA members or a NAADA institution or organization. Multiple nominations are encouraged to represent the breadth and depth of your collaborative thinking!

The project, program or event should have been completed between January 2015 and March 2016. Select nominations will be recognized during the conference based on a variety of factors including collaborative creativity, measurable outcomes, sharing resources, unique partnerships, unusual but effective solutions to common challenges, etc. However, there is no magic bullet for being highlighted during the conference since all submissions will be considered “award worthy.” As a resource for NAADA members, all submissions will be compiled and made available online at the conclusion of the 2016 conference.

How to Nominate:
Complete the nomination form located below. We encourage multiple nominations to highlight as many collaborative ideas as possible! Each nomination should take a few minutes and does not need to be in depth. A description of no more than 300 words is required, so you may want to prepare that text in advance of completing the form.

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