Jane Longley-Cook Volunteer Service Award


Any individual with significant volunteer service to the national NAADA organization shall be eligible for the Jane Longley-Cook Volunteer Service Award. Volunteers must be nominated by a NAADA member institution for this award.


The Jane Longley-Cook Volunteer Service Award was created in recognition of Jane’s long time support of NAADA as a volunteer and representing her alma mater, Cornell University. She volunteered her time and efforts to further the goals of NAADA on a national basis, served in leadership roles, was an officer in our organization and was an effective spokesperson for NAADA. Recipients are recognized for their service to NAADA.

Application Deadline

Application must be submitted by March 8, 2019.  Contact Sennah Honea with questions or comments at schonea@clemson.edu.


A nominee should:

  • Have given freely of his/her time in service to NAADA.
  • Have demonstrated the ability to lead and organize in their role as a NAADA volunteer.
  • Have demonstrated the desire to inspire and encourage others to support NAADA.

Nomination Instructions

Two letters of endorsement from fellow NAADA participants are required. Letters should describe the nominee’s participation in NAADA and why the nominator feels the nominee is deserving of the award. Please itemize accomplishments and awards. Endorsement letters must be PDF or Word documents.

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