The Mulberry Honor Society
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The Mulberry Honor Society was created to honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to NAADA and to foster their continued involvement in the organization and with institutions of higher education associated with agricultural sciences and their related programs. NAADA Past Presidents, individual achievement award recipients and other honorees invited by the NAADA Executive Committee are eligible for induction into the society.

The Mulberry Honor Society is named from a long-standing NAADA tradition—the president’s gavel. Upon his retirement as president of NAADA in 1986, Dave Mugler, Associate Dean of Agriculture at Kansas State University made a gavel and presented it to the organization. The gavel is made of Mulberry and more specifically of a Mulberry root from a tree that stood on Dave’s family farm in Kansas. It was Dave’s wish that the gavel be passed from president to president and that it becomes a reminder of “NAADA’s roots” (root of the Mulberry tree and root of the organization certainly intended) from which the organization was given life.

The charter members of the Mulberry Honor Society are as follows:

Bill Alverson
Paul Appel*
Kim Arp
Chuck Banks
Keith Barber
Timothy Beard
Trina Beebe
Paula Beecher
Bob Bickford*
Clancy Biegler*
Jody Bissett
Dale Bone*
Lois Britt*
Patricia Brundige
Rich Bundy
Mary Buschette
Bartley Cardon*
Chris Cammarene-Wessel
Bruce Christmas
Richard Church
Patty Clark
James Clark
Scott Cooksey
Rick Daluge
Sarah & Lawrence Davenport
Scott Emerson
Juli Fields

Mark Fleming
Bobby Gaffney Helen Goetz*
Nick Hamon
Marcy Heim
Kevin Heusman
Waymon Hickman
Charles Hinton
Sennah Honea
Fred Hoppin*
Darrin Hubbard
E. Allen James
Milford Jenkins
William Jenkins*
James Johnson
Renee KeeseJanet Johnson
Bob LaPrad*
William Latham
Donya Lester
Chuck Lindley*
Nelson Loftus
Jane Longley-Cook*
Jim Mahan
Lynette Marshall
Bill McCloskey
Judy Mellor*

Raymond Miller*
Brice Nelson
Keith Oakley
David Pfendler*
Melissa Pianalto
Kirby Player
Mollie Pulver
Kathryn Reed
Mike Richey
Arlette Rodrigue
Carly Schoepflin
William Sheets
Nancy & Jim Smith
Wayne Smith
John Sterling
Jillian Stevenson
Ginger & Joe Taylor
Tina Veal
Donald Villwock
Joel Wahlberg
Shirley Wahlberg
Bonnie Lou Wampler
Richard Ward*
Lynn Wells
Darcy Wells
Maurice Williamson
Paul Willis
Russ Wilson
Larry Wooten

*indicates honoree inducted into the Mulberry Honor society posthumously