Publications and Projects Competition Divisions
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I. Multimedia & Promotional Materials Division

Electronic format media such as web sites, social media, electronic newsletters, DVDs, animation and podcasts; Materials used to promote a program, event, college, organization or activity for which there is not a fit under the Print Media Division, including but not limited to advertisements, posters, invitations, calendars and flyers

i. Materials in this division will be evaluated on information design, graphics/photography, adaptability, accessibility, print quality, and innovation/creativity.
ii. Password protected or confidential web sites cannot be submitted. Multimedia submissions must be sent on DVD or CD with URLs provided for any applicable sites.

II. Print Media Division

Publications such as brochures, reports and informational materials

i. Print Media Division materials will be evaluated on concept, writing, design, photos/graphics, and print quality.
ii. Print Media Division materials may be submitted in one of six categories:

  • Alumni Engagement Materials
  • Annual Report/Strategic Plans
  • Donor Engagement Materials
  • Magazine Produced by College/Outside Agency
  • Magazine Produced by Students
  • Student Engagement Materials

III. Campaign/Series Division

Publications/projects involving two or more collateral pieces in various formats

i. Campaign/Series Division materials will be evaluated on coherent identity and message, design and content synergy, creativity and originality, distribution strategy, and impact/effectiveness of communicating the mission of the publications/project.

V. Events/Programs Division

Submissions should be specific to a single event/program and its planning, execution and evaluation

i. Events/Programs Division submissions will be evaluated on scope, impact, participation, outcomes, and uniqueness of concept.

VI. Society Programming Division

Programs within a college or organization which build pride and spirit between students and alumni who are involved in societies, boards and associations

i. Society Programming Division submissions will be evaluated on scope, impact, participation, representation, effectiveness and uniqueness of concept.