Hidden Gem Award
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Sometimes, things don’t go as planned – and sometimes, that’s all for the better! For the 2018 conference award, we are looking to recognize your ‘Hidden Gems’. In the past calendar year, what projects, programs, events or colleagues far-surpassed your original expectations? Did you unexpectedly break through a fundraising goal? Did someone step up to the plate in an unexpected way? Did you discover that an event benefitted an unintended audience? Did a long-standing program get a breath of fresh air? Is there someone you would simply like to recognize for the awesome work they do day in and day out?

  • This award is designed to recognize those surprising take-aways that help us find excitement in our jobs and look at our activities from different angles
  • Nominate your programs, projects, events, activities, or colleagues that have gone above and beyond
  • Submissions must relate to the past calendar year to qualify
  • Submit a paragraph describing why this program/event/project/colleague deserves to be recognized at a Hidden Gem, no more than 200 words
  • Multiple nominations are encouraged!

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