NAADA History

Vision Statement

NAADA will be the premier organization providing enhancement opportunities for professionals and volunteers in institutions of higher education and organizations associated with agricultural and related sciences.

Mission Statement

NAADA provides education, support and recognition for professionals and volunteers dedicated to expanding resources for advancing agriculture and related disciplines through land-grant and other colleges of agricultural sciences and partner programs.

NAADA History 


Click here to see a list of past NAADA presidents.

President’s Gavel 

Dave Mugler, Associate Dean of Agriculture at Kansas State University and former NAADA president made the gavel and presented it to the organization at the end of his presidency. The gavel is made of Mulberry and more specifically of a Mulberry root from a tree that stood on Dave's family farm in Kansas. It was Dave's wish that the gavel be passed from president to president and that it becomes a reminder of "NAADA's roots" (root of the Mulberry tree and root of the organization certainly intended) from which the organization was given life. 

30-Year History Book

Longtime NAADA Historian, Mauri Williamson, wrote and provided many of the early photos used in this book. Mauri was one of the founders of NAADA and, though retired from Purdue, still attends the annual conference.

A Personal Note from a NAADA Founder Mauri Williamson


When it was suggested that I might be the one to write the history of the first thirty years of the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association, I accepted the responsibility with a great deal of glee. You see, I was in on the gestation and birth of the organization from the very beginning. It would be easy, I thought. However, I found the task to be a great deal more difficult. Melding the serious goals and intentions with the unbridled enthusiasm of the membership with the curious ambience of the group as a whole was not easy. I must be careful, I felt, not to subjugate the seriousness of purpose with the rather unique social qualities of the members.