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  • Assistance with alumni relations, fundraising, communications, and student programs
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"I am new to the world of agriculture and agriculture advancement. I attended my first NAADA conference in June 2007. Though I’d attended other development conferences, my experience at the NAADA conference was surprisingly different because I didn’t learn only about fundraising, I learned so much about agriculture. During the valuable track sessions, I met colleagues from campuses across the nation who provide the same services I do for the same affinity groups; faculty, students, alumni or friends of agriculture. There was ample time during the sessions for each attendee to share their stories about success, failure and new ideas. As opposed to gleaning only portions from presentations that relate to the work I do, as I did during other conferences I’ve attended, each session I attended provided information that directly related to the work I do every day and each session attendee was excited to be involved in the discussion. In addition, I toured my first farm and listened while my guide described a day in the life of farmers and livestock. I learned about the local community and agriculture’s role in the health and prosperity of the state and its citizens and the effect the agriculture community has on the nation’s economy. I encourage any person thinking of attending the NAADA conference to seize the chance! You’ll be surprised by what you learn.”

— Dawn Copeland, University of Missouri


"I was extremely impressed on the course offerings, the hospitality of UW-Madison, every single NAADA member in attendance, and the tours that were offered.As a volunteer I thought it was very valuable to see how each land grant University faces some of the same challenges the U of M does, as well as the unique challenges each University has as well. The presentations really allowed me to step back and look at the U of M, the CFANS Alumni Society and our constituents a little differently with the knowledge and the learnings I picked up at the NAADA conference.I think the challenge is being able to retain everything with three jam packed days. It was a unique challenge especially since Madison was so close geographically and it made it very difficult to put my professional responsibilities on hold for two to three days. I honestly believe that this will be an advantage Hawaii will have over all other locations. It truly will be getting away and being secluded for a set period of time, which I think is key to retaining most of what is being shared and taught.Last, I just want to say that all the members of NAADA were so friendly and welcoming. As a newcomer that made me feel like I was part of a positive and effective group. It also helped me open my mind and really absorb what was going on. Hopefully I will have another opportunity to be part of a NAADA conference again (when it is not in MN *wink*).”

— Dan Kennedy, Volunteer University of Minnesota


"NAADA is a fantastic professional development and networking opportunity for individuals associated with recruitment and student services. As the Student Recruitment Coordinator for our college, NAADA was my key resource from the beginning. I found no other formal training anywhere that could relate to the issues land-grant agriculture student programs face. NAADA gives me the opportunity to network with collegiate peers from across the United States to gather ideas and develop programs. These individuals are more than willing to share ideas and offer assistance. After several years of involvement, I now look for opportunities to share with new members as well as serving on committees. If I had to select one professional conference to attend, it would be the annual NAADA conference.”

— Brice Nelson, The University of Georgia, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences