Membership and Partnership Types

Associate Membership: $50/yr

Associate Membership is available to those individuals who are:

  • Retired professional staff in advancement, alumni or student professional positions at NAADA institutions
  • Volunteers who wish to remain on the NAADA mailing list
  • Student participants from prior years who want to retain contact with NAADA
  • Individual friends of NAADA

Corporate Partnership

Corporate Partnership is available to those businesses involved in agriculture and natural resources as approved by the NAADA Board of Directors.

There are 3 levels of Corporate Partnership:

  • Platinum: $2,500/yr
  • Gold: $1,000/yr
  • Silver: $500/yr

Institutional Membership

Institutional Membership is available to agricultural colleges and alumni organizations within the 1862, 1890 and 1994 land-grant institutions, plus institutions holding membership in APLU having agricultural, forestry and natural resources programs.

There are 5 levels of Institutional Membership, based on number of members:

  • 1-3 Staff Members: $600/yr
  • 4-6 Staff Members: $800/yr
  • 7-9 Staff Members: $1,050/yr
  • 10-14 Staff Members: $1,250/yr
  • 15+ Staff Members: $1,700/yr

Organizational Partnership: $400/yr

Organizational Partnership is available to national honorary, social, and professional fraternal organizations, and national agricultural/commodity organizations and agencies as approved by the NAADA Board of Directors.