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NAADA Sponsorship

Each year, NAADA partners with national and regional organizations that subsidize the costs of the Annual Conference and other association programs.

Over the past few years our sponsorship program has evolved to increase the value to sponsor organizations. This is truly an event not to miss!

NAADA Sponsors

Endowment Funds

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NAADA Legacy Fund

Bob Bickford and Ray Miller, 2001

The Legacy Fund was established to support the association's educational programs. The spendable earnings from the Legacy Fund will:

  • Promote and sustain excellence in educational programming at NAADA's Annual Conference;
  • Assist NAADA in achieving geographic and institutional diversity for future conference locations;
  • Provide resources for outreach programs.

In June of 2004, Bob Bickford made a leadership gift of $5,000 and later pledged an additional $5,000 for a total of $10,000. As an organization, we have raised over $20,000 over the years. We encourage all past and present NAADA participants to give generously to this effort. With your support, NAADA can continue to deliver educational programs that are of high quality and outstanding value.

Please help us continue the strong NAADA legacy!

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Ruby C. McSwain Enhancement Endowment


Ruby C. McSwain
The NAADA Annual Conference Enhancement Endowment and Ruby C. McSwain Outstanding NAADA Philanthropist Award was established in 2001 by a gift of $15,000 by the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. made in honor of Mrs. Ruby McSwain, an influential and dedicated North Carolina philanthropist. Mrs. Ruby personally provided an additional $15,000 to the endowment after being so impressed by the NAADA organization, its members and mission.


Earnings from the endowment are to be used to provide flexible support for the NAADA Annual Conference, especially the achievement awards program. For more information, see the McSwain – NAADA agreement.

Please help us continue to recognize excellence through our individual achievement awards program!

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Jane Longley-Cook Awards Endowment


Jane Longley-Cook and Mollie Pulver, 2000 (photo from Cornell University Library)


On March 11, 2003 we lost a dear member of our NAADA family, Jane B. Longley-Cook after a brief struggle with cancer. Jane gave many hours of dedicated, cheerful service to NAADA, serving on the Board of Directors and playing a lead role in establishing the NAADA Awards program. The NAADA Awards Program annually recognizes individuals in the following areas: Outstanding Volunteer, Professional Achievement, Distinguished Service, Ruby C. McSwain Outstanding Philanthropic Achievement Award and Front Line Award. With matching support from Bob Bickford the NAADA Awards Program Endowment was established.

Jane was ever present at our Annual Conferences and always part of our programs and activities – helping, smiling and serving. Jane earned her undergraduate degree from Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Ithaca in 1969. For more than 17 years, Jane was a key volunteer for the Alumni Affairs Office at Cornell University. She was a special friend to many of us and we will miss her wisdom and spirit.

In honor of Jane’s important role with NAADA and her years of service, the NAADA Board of Directors has established a new award – the Jane Longley-Cook Memorial NAADA Volunteer Service Award. This award will be given to an individual who has provided outstanding volunteer service to both their home institution and NAADA, as Jane did.

Jane deeply believed in the goals and mission of both NAADA and our land-grant colleges of agriculture. We are grateful to have this opportunity to forever recognize Jane’s many contributions to NAADA. An endowment fund began in 2003 that is used to support the NAADA awards program.

Please help us continue to tradition of our individual achievement awards program in Jane’s honor!

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